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About Us

Iannone3D is a New Jersey based Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Service Bureau. By utilizing our in-house Stratasys Fortus printers as well as our network of large-envelope printers we are able to offer quality 3D prototyping at a price point that is below our competitors. Submit an online quote today to make your designs materialize in 3D.

About The Technology

FDM Technology

What is FDM technology?

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology constructs three-dimensional objects directly from 3D CAD data. This process creates 3D printed prototypes using industrial-strength thermoplastic that can withstand high temperatures, exposure to harmful chemicals, sterilization and intense mechanical loads... Read more

Is FDM technology for you

Is FDM technology for you?

The 3D FDM printing process frees you from the traditional design and manufacturing constraints since the parts are built layer by layer from the bottom up. Thus FDM technology opens up new horizons in the field of innovation, while reducing costs, streamlining operations and speeding up availability... Read more



The World's Leading 3D Printing Service & Marketplace!

By utilizing a network of large envelope 3D printers, and when possible a unique welding process using liquid plastic ABS-M30, we are able to manufacture large 3D parts for less cost than our competitors as well as produce very large parts that exceed the build size of the printer. The result is a final monolithic product that is fused together, not glued, and is comparable to a 3D part that is printed in its entirety. Submit an online quote today to see how our prices compare!

Feature Works

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The World's Leading 3D Printing Service & Marketplace!

  • “David has provided exceptional service and ABS-like housings for our products in prototype phase. We have used Iannone 3D since July 2015.”

    Jeff Hammock, Mech Optix
  • “We have been looking for a local 3D printing outfit that will help us make use of specialized materials and discovered Iannone 3D. They have been great to work with and looking forward to many great prints in the future.”

    Casey Halverson
  • “The crew at lannone 3D printing did an outstanding job with a project I had which I consider almost impossible. Yet, in no time flat they came through and surpassed all my expectations.”

    I highly recommend this company and I would difficulty use them again.