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  • Professional FDM 3D Printing Services (ABS, Nylon, PC, Ultem, etc)

  • 3D Wax Printing Services for Jewelry and Casting

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Finalization and Assembly of 3D parts

  • Creating 3D Models

  • Specializing In Large 3d Printed Parts

    • By utilizing a network of large envelope 3D printers, and when possible a unique welding process using liquid plastic ABS-M30, we are able to manufacture large 3D parts for less cost than our competitors as well as produce very large parts that exceed the build size of the printer. The result is a final monolithic product that is fused together, not glued, and is comparable to a 3D part that is printed in its entirety. Submit an online quote today to see how our prices compare!