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Iannone3D is a New Jersey based Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Service Bureau. By utilizing our in-house Stratasys Fortus printers as well as our network of large-envelope printers we are able to offer quality 3D prototyping at a price point that is below our competitors. Submit an online quote today to make your designs materialize in 3D.

About the Technology

What is FDM technology?

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology constructs three-dimensional objects directly from 3D CAD data. This process creates 3D printed prototypes using industrial-strength thermoplastic that can withstand high temperatures, exposure to harmful chemicals, sterilization and intense mechanical loads.

A temperature-controlled head extrudes thermoplastic material layer by layer similar to how a hot glue gun extrudes melted beads of glue. Layering produces parts with complex geometries which cannot be obtained by traditional methods of production. Since FDM technology uses the same thermoplastics materials as traditional methods a comparable strength can be achieved.

Is FDM technology for you?

The 3D FDM printing process frees you from the traditional design and manufacturing constraints since the parts are built layer by layer from the bottom up. Thus FDM technology opens up new horizons in the field of innovation, while reducing costs, streamlining operations and speeding up availability.

Today, FDM technology is used by designers and engineers in almost any industry. Students are now using FDM directly in their classrooms, as teachers know it is an essential process to engineering and production.

If you want to produce parts from your 3D CAD files without the time and cost associated with machining, tooling and outsourcing – FDM technology is just for you. Contact us for a reliable FDM 3D printing service!